About Me

Hey, I’m Jonathan Maes. I’ve always been enthusiastic about making things.

I went to college for two years to learn the machining trade. I competed at the national level as a manual machinist. I’m currently on the board of advisors for the local college’s machining program.

I’ve also worked in a pretty wide variety of shops. I’ve done general manual machining, worked as a tool and die maker, quality inspector/CMM programmer, and a CNC machinist. I’ve made medical implants, aerospace parts (both turbine and aerostructures), satellite components, mining equipment, helicopter rotor blade repair tooling, gears of all sizes, and all kinds of other things.

I recently managed a machine shop for a company that specializes in metal additive manufacturing. This is where I got to do all the weird and wonderful in the manufacturing world.

Right now, I run a small company that specializes in delivering customized workholding solutions to machining operations.

I use what I’ve learned to help you figure out how to make your own stuff. Alternatively, I can also help you to source parts globally using my own network of capable shops. Just ask me for a quote.

You can also follow me on LinkedIn to see what I’m up to, or subscribe to my YouTube channel for extra content.